Taking Pictures of people taking pictures.



By Marlina Vera

Cubiste Poisson Pescado.

What I admire the most of this painting, is the color contrast. The pink, blue, red and yellow, really makes this a beautiful cubist painting. Also the shapes in the background the forms of the fish appear as if they want to pull apart from one another.

cubist fish

By Marlina Vera

Contemporary Pop Art World Peace

What I have noticed a lot is that in many cubist artwork, the guitar is a popular instrument to use. I believe it is because of its shape and form that artist enjoy cooperating it in their paintings.

love is all we need cubism

By Loui Jover

Frida For Beginners

In this piece, the artist uses drawings and cuts out multiple shapes and creates a collage with his forms, such as Frida’s famous flower crown.